6 Spindles winding machine

  • The machinery structure is made of high quality cast materials.
  • The machine body is a fusion in a single unit, giving the machine structure strength and stability and reducing noise and vibration.  
  • The machine is equipped with imported linear guides and ball screw in order to guarantee accuracy of positioning.
  • The main spindle rotation system passed strictly quality controls and ensures high speed, low noise and long life.
  • The bobbin position control sensor checks the bobbins that aren't in correct position. Otherwise, the machine will sound an alarm and stops to avoid breaking the guiding nozzles.
  • The traverse unit is made with a cast material, verticality <0.01 mm, parallelism <0.01 mm / full length.
  • As the AC servo motor has been adopted, the running speed and position speed are quick and precise.
  • The machine is equipped with a touch-sensitive screen interface to programming and insert changes.  
  • The control panel is equipped with start, run and emergency stop buttons, safe and easy to use.
  • Through the computer interface it's possible to create and edit programs, as well as insert and recall 60 different programs.




The data in the present table are indicative and can be modified according to the construction or variation needs of the project
1Spindle pitch100mm
2Spindles No.6
3Machine dimensions1100x1200x1700
4Machine weight (estimated)800 Kg
5Spindle servo motor power1.5 KW
6Spindle speed12000 rpm
7Shaft power (XYZ)400W (XYZ)
8Travel distance (XYZ)X: 110 Y: 120 Z: 80
9Wire range0.03-0.80mm
10Power voltageAC 220V +/- 10%
11Power3.6 KW
12Max wire diameter0.8 mm
13Spindle diameterØ 12mm
14Traverse speed (mm/sec.)80 mm/s
15Air pressure0.4-0.6 mpa
16Bobbin max outer diameter80mm
17Spindle directionClockwise/anticlockwise


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